XBLA Gives Us More Games To Spend Our Lives On

Posted March 2, 2010 by Marshall in Xbox 360

This upcoming Wednesday XBLA gives us Toy Soldiers and a Just Cause 2 demo this Thursday!

Toy Soldiers, not affiliated with the movie Small Soldiers, is a brand new WWI Real Time Strategy(RTS) from Signal Studios. This seems to be their first game and it’s making big waves. Graphically, it’s beautiful and well polished. With the large amount of characters seen on screen the framerate didn’t seem to chug at all despite the action. It’s even shown that you can control individual characters in order to use an AA(Anti-Aircraft) gun for example but don’t take my word for it! Here’s a video below:

If you get off by driving a jeep on fire, then jumping out of the jeeps sunroof  into the cockpit of a helicopter, kill the pilot, fly the helicopter to Bermuda, jump on the back of the helicopter tail and handstand on it while killing a crime boss, and do all of that to be home in time to get with the hot latin chick *deep breath* then you’ll love Just Cause 2. If you played the original Just Cause for the 360 then you’ll know that all that said above is not exaggerated (maybe a little) but the game does allow for some fairly ridiculous shenanigans which are completely fun and extremely unbelievable.

Here’s another video:



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