Peter Molyneux Announces More Fable III Stars!

Posted May 8, 2010 by Marshall in Entertainment, Industry, Xbox 360

Petere Molyneux has already announced some pretty big names who will be staring as voice over’s in the’ ‘Fable III’ world but who else is joining the big stars voice team?

Mr Molyneux wants some more stars to be placed into the Fable universe but who is he thinking off adding on to the list? Well who better than Oscar winner and Knight of The Realm, Sir Ben Kingsley…

Ben Kingsley will be  voicing the role of a “wonderful wizard character who is the king of Mist Peak.” He’s still keen to state that he is still a serious actor. “It’s very energising and good for us actors to realise that acting is so diverse now. Games are as big a jump now as I suppose when cinema was invented, when people went from the stage to the cinema thinking: ‘It’s not really acting, is it?’ Now, it’s videogames – and it is acting. It’s very demanding,” he tells

So overall then Mr Peter Molyneux is packing a pretty big voicing team including already Wossy (Jonathan Ross) Stephen Fry (The god of all voices… also stared in LittleBigPlanet), and John Cleese.

Expect to see more news on Push-Start about LionHead’s upcoming end to the trilogy.

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