Bungie Tease With Halo Reach Avatar Content!

Posted April 27, 2010 by Marshall in Events, Xbox 360

A live action teaser trailer wasn’t enough to tease you then Bungie have got more to tease you.

Bungie Bungie Bungie . You just can’t stop being a teasing marketing bully (in a good way) by releasing daily content to keep teasing the gamers waiting for the beta. Over this week Halo Waypoint (free with odst) will have exclusive content this week relating to Halo Reach. So far we have received a heads up of some of the content to expect but at this time can’t fully confirm the list. If you didn’t notice in the Halo: Reach Carnage Vidoc Avatar content was briefly announced for Halo: reach.  Bungie are the ultimate teasers.

We can announce from one of the Beta testers for Halo: Reach have confirmed that their will be a “Avatar hoodie”. It seems that its look like Bungie are whipping out some sexy gear.

Bellow is the Halo Waypoint schedule content that already has been announced.

Monday, April 26:

  • Reach Beta Rundown — Video rundown of the Halo: Reach beta
  • Inside Gaming Special Report — Machinima.com details the Reach beta (Part 1)
  • Halo: Reach Invasion gameplay video — Video created in the Halo: Reach beta, follows a Spartan team during an Invasion match on Boneyard (Also available on the Waypoint YouTube channel)

Tuesday, April 27:

  • Giant Bomb’s Halo: Reach "Quick Look"

Wednesday, April 28:

  • To be announced

Thursday, April 29:

  • Waypoint interview with Bungie’s Derek Carroll & Lars Bakken

Friday, April 30:

  • To be announced

Saturday, May 1:

  • Inside Gaming Special Report — Machinima.com details the Reach beta (Part 2)

Sunday, May 2:

  • Halo: Reach Screenshots
  • Halo: Reach Concept Ar



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