Puzzler Doodle Fit to Arrive on the eShop, DSi Shop and Wii Shop This Week!

Posted January 10, 2012 by Chris Thomas in 3DS, DS, Nintendo News, Wii

Just what everyone loves, a bit of a puzzler. Well Nintendo have a double dose for you, with challenging puzzles and a make-up master class!

The Christmas season is over and everything is in full swing this month. Fear not, for if you feel that little bit glum, Nintendo do have the answer for you, with a full suite of new games to download on the Nintendo eShop, DSi Shop and the Wii Shop!

3DS and DSi owners have a puzzle for a treat in the form of Doodle Fit. The task that will be set before you may seem simple and easy, filling each given shape with the allotted blocks, however the correct combination will be become obvious immeadiately. You will need to rotate the shap and make sure that you try different combinations to complete each shape, making it colourful in the doodle art style!

Fashionists also get a treat with Make-Up: Style, which is also available on the eShop and DSi shop this week!By using a series of realistic make-up tools, you can become a master make up artist. You can practise on your own face in the game by simply taking a picture of yourself, placing it onto a 3D face in the game and then start applying that make up!

Bobby Carrot Forever is another treat for puzzlers which will be available for the WiiWare this week. Take control of the famous puzzle hare as he searches for the six golden carrots by solving puzzles, collecting carrots and making new friends, in this charming 2D puzzle adventure!

Check out all the latest offerings which are available for download this Thursday
via Nintendo eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel.


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