Following on from Toki Tori 2 and Toki Tori, Two Tribes arrives on the Wii U eShop once again to provide some puzzling relief without breaking the bank. Doing what they do best, Two Tribes leads on from previous games with another puzzler game entitled EDGE. You control a cube and you must traverse over various levels to get to the end; depending on how fast you do it and if you obtain more collectibles, you’ll receive a higher score and therefore a better grade. New mechanics are introduced in every stage and each level really does feel like a snowflake, no two are the same. The mechanics you learn later on will also aid you in completing earlier stages much quicker, again, allowing you to get that S+ rank.


Just controlling a cube and moving around would become tiresome after a while, so you’ll have to dodge several obstacles as you progress and while the starting levels might seem a bit basic, the challenge soon picks up and what seems to be the signature of Two Tribes games, it never goes over the top and purposely makes the game a significantly hard, hitting that sweet spot between challenging and enjoyable. There are over 100 levels to complete and while that may seem quite small, EDGE is based around getting the best score possible and continually repeating levels, all for a price tag of £2/$2/€2.


Collecting small prisms will boost the speed in which your cube can move, which is essential in getting the best grade. Often enough though the level design will change things up and you’ll, for a few seconds, turn into a robot or be flung around the stage where you’ll need to pay attention and react quickly to what’s happening, or even turn into a miniature cube and scale walls. EDGE time is also an important concept skilled players will need to utilise, where the player forces momentum up an edge, but just applies the right amount of pressure so you don’t make a fall movement up nor fall back down. Using EDGE time you can manoeuvre quickly around stages and get past tricky obstacles. The total amount of time you spend using EDGE time also helps in reducing your score. Tricky to master but becomes very useful.


Apart from a few troubles I had with the fixed camera leading to unintentional deaths, it’s hard to fault EDGE. The only reason I would tell someone to not buy EDGE is if they’re not a very skilled and patient gamer. While those with lots of experience will see the extensive replay value and the challenge EDGE has to bring, those who do not might feel the game ends after the first 40 levels.


A simple control scheme with no buttons, 60FPS at 1080p, Off-TV Play, simple visual style which fits well with the theme of the game and a soundtrack which complements the game perfectly, EDGE fulfils all the needs of a quality indie title on the Wii U. There’s not much to say about this title and it really doesn’t need to be explained into depth, it’s a simple but original idea that would fit right in with the long gone arcade games of old. A great game with excellent value, I would recommend this title to everyone, regardless of device.


Daniel Switzer
Daniel Switzer

@PushStartMedia editor and Nintendo specialist.