Storm Island is the first expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2 that isn’t exclusively bringing you extra cars to add to the games roster.  Instead with Storm Island we get an all new area (or island as the DLC title suggests), new competitions, events and of course cars.  Storm Island is the kind of DLC that owners of Forza Horizon 2 have been waiting for, especially as the original game had that awesome Rally expansion pack.  Fans who loved that particular pack with the original Forza Horizon will be in for a treat here, because not only will we be getting rally events, but we’ll also be mixing it up with classic point to point (Rampage) and circuit racing (Brawl), only this time we have torrential weather and various obstacles to contend with.

Essentially Storm Island has pretty much the same events as the main game, only here they come with aggressive names to suit the theme of the DLC and added variables thrown into the mix.  For example there is a mode called Gauntlet, which is a point to point race that is held only at night, which adds an element of fear when at top speed.  Thrown in the dynamic weather, changing terrain, added elevation and you’re in for a fun, yet deadly encounter.

The extra aggressive weather becomes an obstacle in its own right, especially with Forza Horizon 2’s ever changing terrain and arguably with this weather dynamic, it makes the most out of the games landscape.  Each race event will of course bring their own challenges, possibly none more so then the off-road races.  When ploughing your way through a field, you will be fighting for control of your car as you desperately avoid sliding into the oncoming tree, not to mention collisions with your competitors.  As fun as that mayhem will be, at times you will give a slight sigh of relief when you approach the beloved and therapeutic tarmac.


Thankfully you do have car upgrades that come exclusively with the Storm Island DLC, they will help you survive during the aggressive weather and help balance the odds on the race track (so to speak).  Out of interest I did participate in a race without the suggested upgrades just to see if the difference was that noticeable, and it was.  More than ever I was sliding into oncoming obstacles and cars, and I found it even more of a struggle to remain in the race.  So with that in mind, I would most certainly recommend using the Storm Island car upgrades, unless of course you want an extra added challenge.

Also as an added bonus, just about every racing fan knows that this sport looks spectacular when the rain is pouring and Storm Island is no exception.  But as I’ve already made quite clear above, the rain is more than a cosmetic feature, it’s a gameplay changer.  Recently DriveClub (which now works perfectly by the way and is a sublime classic circuit racer) had an update that added its very own dynamic weather and while Storm Island may not be quite up to the standard of its dramatic visuals (just checkout my own screenshot here using DriveClub’s photo mode), the varied terrain arguably helps swing the pendulum in Forza Horizon 2’s favour when playing Storm Island.

While Storm Island carries a price tag of £15.99/$19.99, some may consider that to be a steep price to pay.  Whether that resembles good value for money is all down to you, as it will all depend on how much you will play the content.  In my review of FH2, I gave it a score of 9.4, as it was one of the best and most addictives racers that I have played in some time, most certainly during 2014.  So considering how much I play FH2, Storm Island remains just as addictive and comes with plenty of content.


All in all Storm Island comes with 6 new cars, 80 new events (that includes a new legendary barn find) and 500 extra Gamerscore for all you hunters out there.  It’s worth noting that Storm Island is not included in Forza Horizon 2’s Car Pass, but VIP members will get a 50% discount, bringing the price down to £7.99/$9.99, which represents superb value for money in my book.

Fans of FH2, that cannot get enough of the game, will certainly appreciate this DLC, especially for those that enjoyed the Rally expansion with the original HorizonForza Horizon 2 is all about the fun, it’s a game not to be taken too seriously, but has enough competitive edge to keep you itching for one more go.

Storm Island takes the fun factor and blows it through the sun roof and offers both a visual alternative to FH2’s (mostly) sunny continent of Europe and a differently challenge in terms of gameplay.  If fans of Forza Horizon 2 asked me if this DLC is worth the price tag, I would give a firm “Yes”.  Much like the main game itself, you would struggle to find such an enjoyable piece of DLC for 2014 going into this new year.  So if you’re thinking about downloading this content, Storm Island is certainly worth strong contemplation, especially for VIP members.


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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