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Posted February 27, 2010 by Marshall in PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360


Hello Push-Start viewers. I want to play a game. The rules are simple. You will read my review, take in its infinite messages, make your own mind up about it and then suffer the pain of deciding what you think. Buy or don’t. Make your choice.


I’m going to review this in two sections because this will appeal to two different types of audiences and I think its clear I distinguish.

People familiar with the series

If you enjoy the series you will love this. As it subconsciously ties up many loose ends. The story is set in between SAW 1 and SAW 2. Remember in the first one the two guys raided jigsaws base and one of them got a shotgun shell in the top of his head creating a large mushy pile? Your obviously the other one detective Tapp. He is shot at the end of the film and this follows that up. Jigsaw stitches up your chest with a key inside that will open the door to the abandoned asylum you are in. Jigsaw has put several other people in traps who must find you to get the key that will lead to their freedom. Jigsaw has also placed several minions to hinder and help you along the way. You will also notice key characters like Amanda and Pigface in the game. I don’t want to give any more because it is a truly gripping story.

People unfamiliar

You will find it hard to follow what’s going on. However after a while you will become absorbed into the story and will probably find it as exhilarating as people familiar with it. You must understand I cant look at this game from this perspective, but it needs to be understood that this game has it’s own storyline. It doesn’t rely completely on the films. The story is dark and twisted and you will soon gain an appreciation for the series. For me personally this game made me re-watch all the films to fill up some gaps.

Overall I’m giving this story a 8/10.



Oh SAW how you suddenly failed. I have to be honest and I love SAW but this is the worst game I have ever played in that respect. It is just awful. The only thing it has going for it is a very eerie setting which I suppose is what you want with a game like this. But the controls are bulky and so unappealing you want to throw your control to the wall, pick it up and play the most basic of games where you can jump. This gets a 2/10. Seriously.



These too are somewhat lacking. I mean don’t get me wrong not the worst thing I’ve seen but I wont be praising them. Television screens don’t look right and characters might as well be pixelated blobs. The blood effects are okay I guess but it just feels more PS2 than PS3.  5/10 on this one.



Oh the irony! This is actually good! SAW soundtrack and perfectly placed noises to make you jump and turn the lights back on. It’s the screams and the sounds of traps setting off that set this so well. The best part is there’s no continual soundtrack, it’s put in at just the right places to make you cling to your controller like its a fully automatic revolver. I have to hand it to them 10/10. Honestly it’s just so well done. I mean Tobin Bell came back to do the voices!

Overall this game fails. Great story and one of the best soundtracks in a while but generally just no. Unless your a fan of the films just put it down and buy Silent Hill or Resident Evil. This stinks like a fish on the London Underground. Although trophies are thrown at you…





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