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Posted May 10, 2010 by PhilipJFry45 in Entertainment, Reviews

I’ll start on a bad note; the writing is substandard, I was writing scripts similar to this for my year 8 school English projects and in my opinion Jude Law always plays the same role and he just doesn’t fit the part to begin with, it’s like a kid reading the part for a mob boss BUT then when it hits the fan and the downward circle begins I must admit Jude Law astonished me. The story line is interesting but I can’t help but feel it’s very similar… Minority Report meets Vanilla Sky; a bit of a predictable story line. If you didn’t see this at the cinema I would worry, missing it on the big screen isn’t anything dire, it’ll be just as good when you rent it and take it back to the comfort of your own home.

Forest Whitaker – as usual plays the most interesting character in a movie, his dynamic with Law’s character is unusual yet interesting and his philosophical out look on the dystopia in which they live is oppressing, depressing and convincing. This guy is trying to be a true friend to Law’s character, he’s trying so hard…

Liev Schreiber – smooth and sophisticated. I’m a massive fan of his work and his acting style always impresses weather he be ripping chunks out of Hugh Jackman or playing a sleaze ball from corporate.

Next I will run through two of my favourite scenes from this movie, beginning with:

The scene where Law and Whitaker raid the ‘nest’ on the boat is fast pace, strong and has some hand to hand action thrown in with Whitaker kicking some serious ass. Not only that but the gadgets these guys use are pretty cool, all none lethal but all effective but as Law demonstrate there is nothing like the basics of a well trained knife.

The scene with T-Bone, played by RZA, was surreal. To see a killer sit down with his victim to make music, albeit with his idol, But this scene introduced respect into the film, to see that in the world that has been created onscreen for us gives hope to the world, and maybe hope to ours too.

Although this film has only rated a three out of five stars I have to say from that towards the end it improves exponentially! Especially from the moment Law and – love interest Alice Braga – sit and discuss their final plan in a subway station.

I’m going to end by saying you’re never going to see anything more gruesome than a nine year old performing a replacement knee surgery…

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