Razorwire Energy Review: A Healthier Alternative to Fizzy Energy Drinks

Posted March 23, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Featured, Reviews

For years, I’ve been a fan of energy drinks, the vast majority of the time of the fizzy, carbonated variety, whether it be Red Bull, Rockstar, Munster or Relentless.  Over the years, I’ve moved from the full sugar drinks to the zero sugar kind.  However, while they do help to give me an energy boost, the fizzyness can feel a little heavy at times and it doesn’t feel all that great drinking a can quite early in the morning.  Fizzy drinks also aren’t the best for your teeth (including sugar free), granted any drinks with high amounts of acid aren’t always the best, but fizzy drinks in particular can do damage to your teeth’s cavities protection.

With that in mind, I’ve been after a healthier, alternative to the fizzy energy drinks, which led me to online retailers such as Razorwire Energy.  So I reached out to them, and they kindly sent me some samples to review, and my experience with their energy products exceeded my expectations.

There are a number of offers available on the Razorwire Energy website, but at the time of writing they have two primary flavours, Cherry and Raspberry.  To be honest, I couldn’t really say which is my favourite, as I genuinely love them both.  They’re equally refreshing, neither feels at all heavy and due to the added Electrolytes, unlike the fizzy energy drinks, both of the flavours from Razorwire Energy kept me feeling hydrated.  Both flavours are refreshingly sweet and the best way that I can describe each flavour, is that they both taste like a premium, appetising drink of squash.


Flavour aside, what are the other benefits of choosing Razorwire Energy?  Well, while the fizzy variety also offers zero sugar, Razorwire also benefits you with zero fat in their drinks and each serving only contains five calories, plus you have the added factor of the fizzy acids not attacking your cavities to the same aggressive extent to that of a fizzy drink.  With each 300g (10.58oz) tub priced at just £29.99, you will get 60 servings, which works out to only be 50p per serving.  Compared to some of Razorwire’s competitors, some offer 40 servings per tub at around 88p per serving.  So healthier benefits aside, Razorwire Energy have a distinct financial advantage too.

Razorwire Energy is also packed with amino acids, which can benefit far burn, muscle recovery and of course, reduce mental fatigue.  To replace the sugar, their products instead use sweeteners, and they’re also packed with minerals, Green Tea extract and vitamins such as C, B3, E, B6 and B12.  They also have three sources of caffeine, which gives you gradual release energy, rather than one quick and sudden boom, which also means that you’ll get no crash feeling as you come to the end of your energy boost.  Additionally, for the vegans out there, Razorwire Energy is also vegan friendly.

From a personal standpoint, I am on a lot of medication and very strong painkillers, and especially during midday, my natural energy levels can feel at its lowest.  The kind, where your eyes feel fuzzy and it feels like you’ve only had a few hours sleep, even though I did actually have a decent sleep prior.  Having a boost of Razorwire prior to this natural crash, their drink stopped that from happening and during my usual midday “meh” feeling, I didn’t feel drained and I felt like I had some good energy levels left in my tank.  Each serving recommends using between 250ml to 400ml of water.  Obviously, the less water you have, the stronger it can taste.

I tried my servings at 250ml, 400ml and even 600ml, which each being very tasty of refreshing.  It’s kind of like how you might prefer the strength/sweetness of your squash.  Also, if you have a water filter jug, your Razorwire Energy drink will taste extra refreshing and quench your thirst even more.  I was also recommended to try a serving with hot water and while I was a little dubious, my god, it was tasty!  Probably more so then cold water in my opinion.  Drinking Razorwire Energy with hot water was like the tastiest fruit flavoured herbal tea that I’ve ever tried and it was the perfect way to give me a kick first thing in the morning.

To conclude, if you’re bored of fizzy energy drinks and want an alternative that gives you a genuine boost, with no crash that actually has you feeling hydrated and has a genuine, refreshing taste, then look no further then Razorwire Energy.  You can buy samples and tubs with one of their reusable, dishwasher friendly and BPA free shakers, it’s also friendly on the environment too.  I was honestly dubious before trying the power, supplement energy drinks, but after having a taste of Razorwire Energy, I’m going to struggle going back to fizzy energy drinks.

If you want to sample Razorwire Energy for yourself, you can pick up a free sachet sample here (Cherry or Raspberry) and you just have to pay for the postage, and you can check out all their other products and offers here.


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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