Product Review: E-Win Europe Champion Series Gaming Chair

Posted June 9, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in Featured, Gaming Chair, Reviews

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Being a physically disabled gamer with daily and continuous chronic hip pains due to cartilage and ligament wear and tear caused by arthritis, as well as bone on bone contact in my hips, to say that I need to be as comfortable as possible when seated is an understatement.  Over the years I’ve tried a variety of office-type chairs and none were able to provide the support that I needed.  Even when I was able to acquire a chair that had been specially designed for individuals with my issues in mind, after ten minutes or so, my hip pain would intensify greatly.  In recent years I’ve looked at various gaming chairs that you often see Twitch streamers use as they not only looked very comfortable with all the padding, but  they look very stylish too.  So when I was contacted by E-Win to review one of their gaming chairs, I jumped at the chance and I’m glad that I did.

When my chair arrived via the courier, it was packaged in a very large box for which I was concerned that the gaming chair would be quite a struggle to assemble.  However with the help of my wife (who did 95% of the work), it probably only took about 20 minutes to put together once all of the contents were taken out of the box.  To be honest, there were nowhere near as many pieces as I thought there would be and you’re provided with all the tools required out of the box to construct the chair in no time, so you’ll need no extra tools.

Once the gaming chair was pieced together, it was evident that this chair looked as stylish as I hoped and with all the padding, it looked like it would be very comfortable indeed.  The main leather material that coats the gaming chair is made from a “patent race car seat” with “breathable material” and not only does it provide that comfy, squishy feeling, but it also means that the chair won’t get as sticky from sweaty, heated gaming sessions during the heat of the summer.  The breathable material is also very easy to clean and should you spill some food or drink on it, a simple damp cloth will more than do the trick.

In terms of comfort, the E-Win Europe Gaming Chair is padded in just about every place it needs to be.  Not only from the centre sections of the seated cushion and backrest, but padded cushions are also provided on the edges of the backrest and seat, which tucks you in rather snugly.  To add to that comfort, this gaming chair also comes with two additional cushions on both the lower and upper backrest sections of the chair, which provides great comfort to your spine, lower back and neck.  These two cushions are also free to move about as you please, which is particularly handy for those varying in height.  The adjustable 4D armrest are also made with a soft padding material, rather than solid plastic as I’ve found in none gaming chairs, such as office types, which only adds to the comfort.

The E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair has multiple tilts and adjustable heights.  Not only can you adjust the length and angles of the 4D padded armrests, but you can also adjust the height of the gaming chair with its hydraulic system, supported by its strong five-star aluminium base, and you can also tilt the back of the chair forwards and backwards with both the backrest and the seat.  When you’ve found your ideal height and angle setting, you can lock that in so you never have to adjust the settings again if you wish, but should you want to adjust again, just simply unlock the adjust and away you go.

All in all, the E-Win Europe Champion Series Gaming Chair has been an absolute pleasure for me to use, not only for all its comfort and adjustable settings, but it’s even more appreciated given my physical disability, which makes it an ideal gaming chair, especially for extended gaming sessions, so I can only imagine how much more comfortable it would be for someone with no physical conditions.  The gaming chair that I was provided to review was styled in black and white, but should you want a different colour or even a different style of gaming chair, there are a variety of choices on the E-Win website for you to choose from.  I cannot recommend this gaming chair enough for many reasons and if you’ve been considering whether or not to pick one up, just remember to use discount code PushStart at the checkout to save an additional 10% off your order.  Speaking from experience, you won’t regret it.


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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