Plants Vs Zombies iPhone Review

Posted May 10, 2010 by Marshall in Mobile, Reviews

Who would ever though Plants would ever have to fight Zombies? Is it a worthy fight or have the zombies ate away our brains?

As many can say this review is a bit late but what better than no review at all? The game Plants Vs Zombies is one of those tactical games that involves you defending your house with flowers against the zombie infested streets.

Story – I’m a beginner and I like plants!
When you load up the game you are greeted by the choice of playing Adventure or Quickplay. Adventure mode as you would of guessed, it’s the campaign function of the game. 
Like wise for Quick play is just for having well having a quick game. Once selected your choice you will already understand the feel of the game and take to note that it is all about strategy and tactics. You will probably start panicking when you see your first zombie walking up your garden to your beautiful house, but luckily for you are provided with plants to defend your house, Now you understand why its called Plants Vs Zombies. Through out the Adventure mode you are given multiple opportunities to unlock more Plant weaponry to help defend of your house. You will be able to get the opportunity to plant the plants where ever you feel on your garden grid, set up a row of lawnmowers for defence.

There is also a nice sunshine point system that each amount of sunshine you collect you can spent it on more plants which vary in points depending what type of plant it is. These sunshine points also go towards the upgrades to kill your zombie foes
Gameplay & Controls –  Just mowing my lawn

The are a several ways you can play out the game. The game play is always changing depending on how you the player decide where to plant your defences. You will over time have to constantly choose your way of how to go about when playing each level. This mainly comes down to what plants you want to use and where the best place to place your pea shooters or spike spitting cacti. The wide variety of choice of weapons is amazing and really does make the whole game play stand out. You can even get exploding potato mines.

Through out the levels you will encounter different types of zombies who want to come and eat you in your house. There also multiple different environments you will encounter the brain eaters, expect to start defending your back yard with a swimming pool and battle the zombies through the night. You will encounter football players, bobsled team, dolphin riding zombies (which are awesome) and bucket heads. This is when you have to constantly prepare your self for the changes in the game play depending on the types of zombies and environment changes. There’s 50 levels for you to master with so much variety ensures you will always want to continue playing.

The controls also help with the whole experience of making it playable. The drag-and-drop system works really well and doesn’t make your hands get tied into a not. The controls feel really smooth which is great when your garden is getting infested by zombies.

Design Cut Em UP!

What could be more rewarding than seeing a zombies head fly off? nothing that’s what. The game just look amazing, not so much in a graphical extent but in a colourful one. The use of colours make the game so much more appealing. It’s actually quiet weird feeling so happy when you are killing zombies whilst the sun is shining. The use of day and night level changes presentation is amazing and really does make it stand out from its PC predecessor. The use of animation on the zombies and plants themselves make it an delightful experience to watch.

Overall  5/5  A Push-Start highly recommended game!
This iPhone/iTouch port has everything previous players of Plant Vs Zombies have wanted but in a nice portable version. You will spend hours defending of your house against the waves of zombies. Upgrading plants is a great touch and the design as a whole is brilliant. For the UK price of only  £1.79 its worth picking up.



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