Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – REVIEW

Posted February 27, 2010 by Marshall in PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360


Superheroes teaming up? Now that doesn’t sound very fair does it? Unless the villains are other superheroes. Yeah that makes sense. I took the time to review this game thoroughly being a marvel fan and this is what I thought.


This story is the reason that I have continued to play this game. It is gripping. Being a comic fan I was able to experience one of my favourite story’s in the comic universe; The Marvel Civil War. I don’t want to give too much away but the story revolves around superheroes being forced to register with the government or become outlaws. Some heroes believe that this will make them a branch of the military and this wont allow them to fight in justice. Some feel this is the only way forward due to some superhuman activities being somewhat undesirable. This story is the main reason I continued to play this game. I’m not saying everything else wasn’t good but this story was totally gripping. All I could have asked for was more individual hero problems with the registration act. After much deliberation I’m giving this a solid 9/10.



The gameplay here is both enjoyable and fun. It involves you picking a team of four superheroes and using them to overcome enemies in your path. There is a nice combination of superhero moves and fusion moves which include two superheroes unleashing an ultimate attack together. However after a while the levels feel somewhat repetitive yet the bosses and storyline keep everything interesting and make you continue playing. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the gameplay really, it just gets a bit samey. In the sense of gameplay time its not a bad number, not so much that you get bored but not too little that its over too quickly. I’m giving this a 7/10.



Graphics here are pretty amazing. Especially facial details on some characters like Deadpool. Bosses look fantastic as do cut scenes. In fact the cut scenes look better than the animated superhero movies we have had in the past. Each move feels really fluent and the graphics are what makes this the case. Slow motion is also deployed for things like boss killings to capture the superb graphics used when your minor league superhero is flung back onto his butt. Its obviously not to the standard of a Final Fantasy game and lets think why; this is Disney now *CRINGE*. I’ve gotta’ give credit where its due, these graphics are pretty amazing so I’m giving another 7/10.



This is where things go downhill. You are lucky if you find an online game, there just aren’t any. If you find one it presents a problem. You pick one character. If your team mates pick characters that don’t fusion very well with yours you have two options. 1. Change your character diplomatically to get good fusions. 2. RageQuit. Apart from this though you persist through the storyline with the regular gameplay and it is an overall enjoyable experience. Due to the above problems, I’m sorry Marvel fan boys but 6/10.

In conclusion I am giving this game a 8/10. I enjoyed it except for online fury. I sincerely hope you do too.






-Online fury



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