Mario gets help from a few other Nintendo cast members.

Posted April 28, 2010 by PhilipJFry45 in Reviews

Exploding Rabbit has released on “New Grounds” a title named “Super Mario Crossover”. This game is all of the levels of the original Super Mario brothers on NES but you have the choice to pick between, Mario, Simon from Castlevania, Bill from Contra, Samus from Metroid, Link from the original Zelda title, and my favorite “Mega Man”.

Mario xover Picture 4

Each character has their own moves and dynamics as the game they came from, so for instance, if you play as Samus you can turn into a ball and make bombs(when they explode, yes you pop up just like in Metroid) if you play as Bill from Contra, you can shoot in any direction. With each character’s different move set and attacks, it brings an old feeling back, but as if you are playing a whole new game.

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One reason being, when you played “The Legend of Zelda” there was no jumping, and you could fight in any direction. On Mega Man you had to shoot and try your hardest not to touch a thing, but since its Mario’s world, everything can be jumped on just like Mario does. So if you have the need to shoot, then shoot, just remember that you are able to hurt enemies from brain trauma via your body weight on their head.

Each character brings their own soundtrack to the Game-play, which is a plus. If you want to hear the awesome 8bit Mega Man or Castlevania sound track which are my favorites, then make sure to choose one of those two characters.

Along with OST and Controls, weren’t you wondering about the power-ups? Well if so, you will be pleased to hear that each character has a different power-up when they get the mushroom or fire flower. Its good to see that someone has given a semi-serious feel to a mod, instead of a joke game, Mushrooms make Mario bigger, because that’s what he does in his game, but everyone else reacts different to it.

Mario + Mushroom = Bigger Mario, Mario + fire flower = Fire Mario
Simon + Mushroom = Chain whip, Simon + fire flower = Red suit and Fame whip
Bill + Mushroom = Machine gun, Bill + fire flower = Burst shot
Link + Mushroom = more damage, Link + fire flower = Master Sword (ranged shot)
Samus + Mushroom = farther range blasts, Samus + fire flower = No suit + wave gun
Mega Man + Mushroom = Helmet + charge blast, Mega Man + fire flower = Fire shot

This is an addicting game and will be played for hours if you are an old school Nintendo fan. Personally I played it through World 4-1 with each character before I had to make myself stop and write this article.



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