Fifa World Cup South Africa 2010: REVIEW

Posted April 30, 2010 by Marshall in PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360


Can’t afford tickets to this years world cup in South Africa? Me neither. So thankfully EA have provided us with the ultimate immersive experience into this years Fifa World Cup.


As I’m sure you can imagine I will not be giving this a rating. You represent your team in the world cup. You play and you play hard and that’s  as much depth as you will receive. Anyone who thinks’ there should be more than this is not a gamer in my opinion. You people are dead to me! The point is there’s no need for a story. Your playing the beautiful game, you can’t say fairer that that.



As you can expect, you have your classic Fifa game play which has always been great to play. However I think EA have emphasised something much bigger here that cures a disease I found in the other games. Previously when playing Fifa games I have often felt that it feels too much like your just playing a football game. But South Africa 2010 expands on this massively. You are truly immersed in the World Cup. You are no longer sat playing a football game. You are there on the pitch, soaking in the fantastic atmosphere, wearing your heart on your sleeve and feeling the raw emotion of everyone around you. It is like no game I have ever experienced. Genuinely.



Great online play. You are very quickly hooked up to a game and then soak in all the beauty of the game normally. It is definitely a lot of fun when you start playing with people around the world. In my opinion it’s the perfect laid back sort of game to play online. There is competiveness but at the same time you don’t have to be amazingly good to do well like you do with some online games. You can sit back and chill out whilst enjoying the beautiful game.



Fifa have always got it pretty spot on with their games and this is no exception. What is delightful is that you experience music from many different cultures around the world. From Argentina to South Africa you are enlightened by a wide range of music and I personally believe it’s worth maybe just pausing the game for a hour or so and listening to it all. Of course commentary is fantastic as always.



I have to say every game Fifa step it up a notch and EA never disappoint. I have been seriously impressed by the graphics here. Normally football games have not been known for the greatest graphics. However the players look very much like the real life players. I was particularly impressed with Rio Ferdinand. But this isn’t the bit that makes me love this game. The bit that makes me clap repeatedly are the little details.. I’m talking about confetti strewn across the pitch, long strings of confetti bundled on the sidelines and every reaction and hair being shown on the fans and managers face as the action happens.


Good Points

  • Real sense of atmosphere
  • Graphics
  • Online speed
  • Mix of cultures
  • The tiny little details

Bad Points

  • Free kicks are still a bit random when it comes to direction



Thoroughly enjoyed this game. EA really sat down and gave us an amazing sense of atmosphere. I’m giving this one a 8/10.



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