Rockstar Address Red Dead Online Grind Issues and We Get Free Gold Bars and Money!

Posted December 7, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PS4, Update, Xbox One

Rockstar Games has rolled out the first major update for Red Dead Online and it will implement changes made to the grind and economy of its online world.

Here’s what we’ll be getting in the first update:

  • Increased cash and gold payouts for activities such as Free Roam Missions, Free Roam Events, replays of A Land of Opportunities Missions, Showdown Series and more.
  • Cost of “most” weapons will be reduced in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue and Gunsmiths. For those that have already spent in-game currency on weapons, players will be reimbursed the difference back into their game.  Returning currency will roll out in stages and all will be made by December 10th.  You’ll know when you got money waiting for you, because you will get an alert when you login into Red Dead Online.
  • Values of “select” pelts, skins, fish, horse reviver and pamphlets will be re-balanced.

By next week, there will be an update that will address the issue of some players being randomly kicked from sessions.

Finally, if you’ve played Red Dead Online at any point since its launch until pretty much now at the time of writing (not after December 8th), as a thank you for the participation, players will be rewarded with a gift of RDO$250 in-game currency and 15 Gold Bars.  All gifts should be with eligible players by Friday, December 14th as it will also be rolled out in stages.  The Goldie Bars are on Rockstar!

Also remember to leave on feedback in regards to the Red Dead Online beta here.  Oh and you can read our review of Red Dead Redemption 2 here, the game is awesome!


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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