GDC: Sony’s Morpheus VR Kit Improved And Coming 2016

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At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Sony gave fans a new and improved look at its Project Morpheus virtual reality technology coming to PlayStation 4. As well as sporting a larger 5.7 OLED display the frames per second have also been bumped to push into your eyeballs a magic 120 FPS (now beating HTC’s recently announced rival system), offers a lower latency (lag), more accurate head tracking and a improved “user-friendly” design for a happier and comfortable experience. The increase in display also gives the added bonus of presenting a larger field of view (now 100 degrees).

Not content with having the tech purely speak for itself, the hardware giant also unveiled a few new experiences to try out – most notably was cover based shooter London Heist. London Heist utilises the PlayStation Move controllers allowing gamers to accurately aim and also required players to physically crouch behind virtual scenery.

Prototype kits of the Project Morpheus will start going out to developers as soon as April and release has been confirmed for the first half of 2016.