Zulu coming to Civilization VI

Posted February 10, 2018 by Rhys Evans in Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, News, PC

The upcoming expansion for Civilization VIRise and Fall, will introduce the Zulu to its roster. The African civilisation and its leader, Shaka, will be added as part of Rise and Fall, one of the eight new leaders being introduced with the expansion.

The Zulu’s unique unit is the Impi, an inexpensive but powerful fighting unit that has bonuses to flanking and experience earned. Their cheap cost, compared to other combat units of the same era, means that you can quickly amass a large force of these units, giving you the edge against rival civilisations.


Like other civilisations, the Zulu have a unique ability. Isibongo allows the civ to gain bonus loyalty from a conquered city as long as there is a unit garrisoned there. As well as this, if a city is conquered with a unit in it, then, as long as the relevant civics are unlocked, it will be upgraded to a Corps or Army. Shaka also has his own unique leader ability, Amabutho, which allows the Zulu to form Corps and Armies earlier, as well as bonus Base Combat Strength to both Corps and Armies.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall released on February 8th.


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