Vampyr Is Set to Cater to the Crowd with Its Upcoming Update

Posted July 30, 2018 by Kamil in All, Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, News, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Upon its launch, Vampyr divided the public opinion as some early adopters loved it for what it was, whereas others walked away from it with a bitter taste in their mouth due to the title’s steep difficulty curve. And while most who found this particular game to be ‘too hard’ only have themselves to blame, it does not change the fact that Vampyr is not a welcoming title. Dontnod, unlike most developers, has decided not leave their customers behind, and has announced that just next month, their vampiric RPG will receive a sizable update featuring new and improved difficulty settings.

The update in question will feature two brad new difficulty settings which are set to completely change the way in which Vampyr can be experienced. First difficulty setting is set to minimize the title’s combat encounters to a minimum, while also taking the overall intensity down a notch, or two. Whereas the second difficulty option is set to make the incredibly punishing and unforgiving Vampyr even more difficult.

While the easy mode can sound like a cop out on the part of Dontnod, as by adding it to the title the developer ultimately sacrifices its artistic vision in exchange for few extra sales, it will ultimately introduce balance to the streets of Vampyr‘s Edwardian London. As in its current state, the streets of Vampyr are littered with hordes of unnecessary and quite frankly pointless enemies which are simply there to impede your progress. The quote-on-quote easy mode will also streamline the final third of the title, as players will no longer be required to run past dozens of enemies just to reach their objectives.

The final release date for the patch is still an unknown, but Dontnod promises that it will hit all three platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, this August. The update promises to only introduce an array of hardcore, balance related changes; there is still a chance that the update in question will also carry a few meaty extras. But in order to known that for sure, we will have to wait until its official release.

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