This is The Police 2 PC Launch Trailer and Console Version Announced for September

Posted August 10, 2018 by Kamil in Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, News, PC, PS4, Trailers, Xbox One

Launch trailers usually consist of short snippets of gameplay strung into a minute or so long video, and are designed to bombard potential customers with as many enticing moments as possible. However, not all developers opt for that approach, as some, including the Belorussian Weappy, go for a much more cinematic, narrative driven approach.

This is The Police 2, is not an enigma to anybody, as internet is filled to the brim with gameplay videos, first impression articles, and now, reviews. So instead of rehashing what already has been shown dozens of times, the aforementioned studio which stands behind the title has decided to release a lunch trailer consisting mainly of an in-game cut-scene. The trailer culminates with short snippets of gameplay, then such occupy less than the tenth of the video.


The trailer in question is titled ”Why am I here?”, and showcases a conversation between an NPC character called Lilly, and seemingly the protagonist named Jack. It wouldn’t be right to spoil the contents of the video, especially to those who are highly anticipating the title’s release, then it is important to underline that the voice acting within it, leaves a lot to be desired – especially on Jack’s part.

The video is just over two and a half minutes long, and as mentioned above, it culminates with a short string of gameplay sequences, and a large ‘Out Now’ line, spelled out in all capital letters, underlined by a Steam logo. The PC players can head to Steam and purchase the title right now, then the same cannot be said about console users, as This is The Police 2, will not launch on the three mainline consoles until the 25th of September.



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