The Sinking City Gets Two New Videos Courtesy of #Gamescom2018

Posted August 24, 2018 by Haris Iqbal in Announcements, GamesCom, Gaming News, News, PC, PS4, Trailers, Xbox One

Two new gameplay trailers have been released for The Sinking City during Gamescom 2018. One is a short cinematic trailer and the other a lengthy gameplay video that showcases the look and feel of the game, as well as the protagonist’s interaction with other people especially to help one who has their mouth sewn shut, both figuratively and literally in this video.


The Sinking City will be available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 21st of March, 2019 and will follow Charles, a private investigator who finds himself tangled in the web of insanity, as his struggles to find answers that can help him face his tortured past and otherworldly visions lead him to Oakmont, a place of Decay and Superstition.

At this point, I’m gonna pretend that I’m playing Silent Hill when The Sinking City releases.


Haris Iqbal
Haris Iqbal

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