#E32018 Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Demo Drops with January Release Date

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Posted June 13, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in Announcements, E3, Gameplay, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Release Date, Screenshots, Trailers, Xbox One

It was nearly three years ago when the Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced, but it’ been very quiet since that initial announcement.  However during the Sony E3 press briefing, we finally got to see the very first gameplay footage for the highly anticipated remake and we even got a set release date.

The gameplay videos below, show’s Leon S. Kennedy, then a rookie cop during this first day on the job at the Raccoon City Police Department, however on his very first day all hell has broken loose and the dead are walking among what living remains.  During the gameplay we get glimpses of well known moments during the early stages of the campaign, including the interaction with Lieutenant Marvin Branagh aka Will Smith zombie.  In the remake, Leon is looking a little different, though he is still wearing the iconic RCPD uniform.  We get to see Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin at a blink of an eye and a Licker scrambling outside across the window.



The Resident Evil 2 Remake will have a new over-the-should camera perspective and will run on Capcom’s in-house RE Engine, which of course powered Resident Evil 7 and will also power the forthcoming Devil May Cry 5.  While we never got to see any of Claire’s campaign, this remake will feature both the Leon and Claire campaigns, hopefully we’ll also get their respective scenario A and B campaigns too (without them being DLC).

The Resident Evil 2 Remake will release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25th, 2019.  Below you’ll also find a batch of stunning screenshots and a 17 minute gameplay video with no commentary from GameSpot, it’s well worth you checking out.