Phantom Doctrine Just Received its First (Free) Major Content Update

Posted November 1, 2018 by Kamil in Announcements, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Xbox One

The holiday season is now in full swing – despite of the fact that we are still in October, and while many are already thinking about what new game they are going to play this Christmas, others are still heavily invested in titles which have been around for quite some time. While not all games are as popular as Black Ops IIII or Sony’s Spider-Man, they still do everything they can to support their consumer base. And CreativeForge Games has just released a brand new (PC only) update for its Cold War Thriller Phantom Doctrine, just in time for the Halloween.

The update in question is completely free of charge and will download itself automatically via Steam, or if you have purchased the title through CD Projeket’s platform Good Old Games, you can download it right now, manually, and it is definitely worth the effort as the update in question brings a host of new additions.

First and foremost, the update, or rather add-on in question features a host of new content, gameplay refinements, and quality of life changes. And those include increased number of Investigation Board aliases, improved user interface, new animations, and mechanics. In addition, the data file pertaining to the update also features new character customisation options, two brand new multiplayer maps, and a rework of the highly popular Actor perk.

Lastly, CreativeForge’s new update also features a mini expansion of sorts, titled Halloween Scare Tactics, which adds a host of visual changes which transforms the rather down-to-earth spy thriller, into a full blown masquerade. And all this is a part of a single, and most importantly free data file, which can be downloaded right now.



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