Overwatch Introduces New Egyptian Sniper-Medic

Posted July 12, 2016 by BetaDaysUK in Gaming News, PC, PS4, Trailers, Xbox One

Revealed today, Ana is the first post launch character to appear on Blizzard’s ruddy good fun team shooter, Overwatch.

The latest addition appears to be extremely multifaceted. Her sniper rifle can do both healing and damage, as well as a grenade which increases healing and blocks enemies from getting assistance. Her side-arm will render an enemy unconscious until they start taking damage. Ana’s ultimate looks to provide a “combat boost” that when hitting an ally grants a boost to their speed and inflicted hurt, whilst reducing the loss of life they receive.

I really think Blizzard could have split her in to two characters with these new potentially game changing attributes. How she plays has yet to be seen, but my mind is already ticking over with the possibilities (that ranged stun could be really useful), but perhaps to give her balance against the other snipers and medics she’ll be a “Jill” of all trades, master of none.

No news on when the new character is being added to the game, but I’d say it will likely be after the first competitive play season has ended. Check Ana out in the her introduction video above, or her origin story below.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out our full review here.




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