Open world adventure Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles gets release date

Posted March 9, 2017 by John Little in Gaming News, PC, PS4, Release Date, Screenshots, Trailers



This seems to be the day for games about shipwrecked youths. RiME gets a release date, and now Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles gets one as well.

An open world game set on the lush (fictional) island of Gemea, our character must farm, fish, craft, cook, brew and ingratiate him/herself with the locals in order to help save the isle form “an encroaching darkness”.

Despite its beauty, the island is being plagued by an evil fog, slowly destroying the land, and through completing quests for the various communities you will unlock the island’s secrets, and hopefully overcome this threat.

The game looks absolutely beautiful and joyous, as you can see from the announcement trailer below, and there’s good chances the gameplay will match up to that quality, with developers made up of former Rocksteady and Activision staff.

There’s still a few months to wait before the game’s release – coming on the 18th July – but come that time, the developers promise an “immersive fantasy world” and “a wealth of mystery” to discover for PS4 and PC gamers.





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