New God Sim, Godhood, Announced

Posted August 4, 2018 by John Little in Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, PC, Screenshots, Trailers

Godhood is a new God sim game from Abbey games, those of Reus and Renowned Explorers fame, which tasks you, as a young God, with creating a religion and tending to your flock of disciples.

There’s very little information on actual gameplay at this time, but the game is set in an ancient land in which you must build for yourself (or have built for you) a religion and populace of followers.

You won’t be able to directly control your worshipers, but will instead influence their actions in ways such as “selecting different virtues and vices, to building monuments and nurturing powerful prophets”.

From the game’s description it sounds like there will be other deities and factions to worry about: “Conflict is inevitable, and through ritual combat, players will be able to challenge rival deities and their followers who dare to contest their claim to power and glory!”. Though this also seems like it could have potential for an online component.

The art style looks fairly simplistic, however these things often are, and as for Abbey games, they do have a history of creating simplistic looking, yet stylish titles.

Hopefully come its release date in 2019 on PC, the game will have revealed itself to be an interesting and unique God sim.



John Little
John Little

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