New Alien Game to Be Announced at the Game Awards and Is Kojima Involved?

Posted November 26, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PC, PS4, Rumour, Xbox One

Earlier this month, host and producer of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley tweeted out an image that looked to be styled in a very similar font to that of the Weyland Corporation from the Alien series which read the words “Worlds Will Change.”, which has sparked rumours that a new Alien game might just be announced at The Game Awards next month.

However, to add fuel to the speculative fire, 20th Century Fox who owns the rights to the Alien franchise recently trademarked the name “Alien Blackout” in September.  Also, Twitter accounts with the handles @AlienBlackout and @Alien_Blackout have been create by Fox.

Now this is where these rumours get even more interesting, because there is a slight chance that famed video game developer and good friend of Geoff Keighley might be working on this potentially new Alien game.  The reason being, is that just last week, Hideo Kojima tweeted out a couple of pictures of him at the 20th Century Fox studios pointing at an original Alien poster and putting his face near Facehugger egg!  Serious Kojima, don’t do that, not even for science!

If Hideo Kojima is to work on a new Alien game, that could be very interesting, especially if it is as scary, and as tense as the terrifyingly awesome Alien: Isolation. If true, this title could also be multi-format, because while Kojima’s development studio is currently exclusive to PlayStation, who are of course working on Death Stranding, that might not mean that Kojima himself is unable to work for some other publishers to create a new game.

Of course, Hideo Kojima’s tweets and his visit to 20th Century Fox could all be mere coincidence that just so happened to be in the same month as Geoff Keighley’s tweets, not to mention a month before The Game Awards takes place.  Only time will tell, but with The Game Awards kicking-off on December 6th, we shouldn’t have long to find out the truth, one way or another.


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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