Mass Effect 4 – Mako Buggy Returns, But The Game Is Years Away From Release

Posted July 28, 2014 by Richard Lee Breslin in Comic Con, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Xbox One


Mass Effect 4’s release might be light years away, in fact according to the games executive producer Mike Gamble, the games release is “years away“, but that hasn’t stopped all new details making an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, as it has been revealed that the Mako buggy will be making its triumphant return into the latest instalment.  The Mako buggy hasn’t been seen since the original Mass Effect and was primarily used to scale planets in the search for resources and relics (other than the odd campaign mission).

The new Mako is said to be faster than the original and judging by the video below, it will not initially feature any weaponry, but it is said that the Mako will be upgradable, so weapons could very well be included as you progress into the game.

mass-effect-4-mako-3 mass-effect-4-mako-2 mass-effect-4-mako-1

During the video we also got a glimpse at the ‘work-in-progress’ character models for both female and male variants.  While it seems that the human will be once again the lead playable hero, it was not ruled out at the SDCC panel that non-humans will also be playable.  While it is expected that Mass Effect 4 will be set in the time-line of Commander Sheppard, it is believed that he/she won’t be the playable lead.

mass-effect-4-female-1 mass-effect-4-male-1

Hopefully in the coming months we’ll learn much more about the progress of Mass Effect 4 and when we do, we’ll of course update you with all the details.


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