Independence Day meets WWII in Star Thunder for PC

Posted April 3, 2012 by James Steel in Announcements, Articles, PC, Screenshots, Trailers, Videos

In a rather surprise announcement via a teaser trailer, Gaijin Entertainment, the studio behind the well received IL2:Sturmovik and Birds of Steel, have revealed their latest PC exclusive title.

Seemingly bored with their staple WWII aerial combat games, the studio have turned their attention to something that we’ve been sorely missing, alien attacks in 1945.

Honestly, it’s hard not to believe that this could have been an April Fools joke (but thankfully isn’t), especially with how close the trailer came to the infamous date, and with the rather ‘high-concept’ idea. Either way, aerial combat with space craft vs. Spitfires, plus a mothership that looks like something from District 9, Star Thunder sure is unique!

GameTrailers had the debut teaser trailer which you’ll find below, but heading to the official Gaijin Entertainment website reveals a little more on this rather peculiar project.

Star Thunder’s genre is defined as space-and-air combat MMO action. The game will feature several competitive PvP-modes, original co-op mode missions and also a singleplayer story mode that’s designed to introduce players to the universe of Star Thunder.

More details after the teaser –


Key Features

The events unfold in 1945 when a nuclear bomb test suddenly caused a resonating distortion of space-time continuum that instantly moved the whole solar system to a remote galaxy and into the distant future, the 48th century.

Desperately suffering from lack of essential resources the Precursors – the dominant race in the world of the future – without hesitation decide to conquer all the surprisingly appeared planets and start their advance with invasion to the third planet from the Sun. Meanwhile the fire of the World War 2 is still hot on the Earth; military sciences as well as combat readiness are at their peak, and the League of Nations unites powers to fight the new global enemy.

Avoiding risk of destroying the whole planet with main caliber, the Precursors start their invasion with smaller units. They send their cruisers to the largest metropolises of Europe, America and Asia knowing quite few about how their engines will work in terrestrial conditions and what a rousing welcome they will meet …

There’s currently no release date in sight for Star Thunder, but it’s something to keep your eye on.


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