“I Will Make You Hurt” Live Action Prototype 2 Trailer

Posted April 13, 2012 by James Steel in Articles, Microsoft, PC, Sony, Trailers

A Live-Action trailer can say a lot about a game. It needs to capture the atmosphere, mood, setting and feelings that the developer are aiming to provide gamers, both to fans of the series and to newcomers. It’s in these trailers that we see a bridging point between the medium of film and video games, arguably two mediums that are becoming ever closer due to advancements not only in visual and sound, but also in story telling and narrative approaches which games often try to accomplish. While games such as Heavy Rain try their best to approach the sweet-spot between the two mediums, other games just use it to gain more interest in the title, in which itself might be pretty mindless.

The Halo series has become synonymous with having stunning Live-Action trailers, and now more and more publishers are following suit, a plus in my books.

This time it’s Activision’s turn with Prototype 2. The trailer presents us the main character of Sgt. James Heller, returning from war to find his family dead from the Virus that’s slowly infecting New York City. He is seen falling from a building holding a photograph of his now lost family, to which we expect this a suicide attempt. As the trailer progresses we see flashbacks and images of the future leading to a confrontation with the first game’s protagonist Alex Mercer.

All set to ‘Hurt’ by ‘Johnny Cash’, the trailer is very effective at evoking a mood….although all signs point to the game being a very over-the-top gory affair. Let’s just hope we don’t have another ‘Dead Island Trailer’ situation on our hands!

Embedded below is the trailer from IGN

Prototype 2 launches 24th April for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Source for Video – IGN


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