Forthcoming Jurassic World Evolution Update Adds a Host of Improvements

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Posted November 7, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PC, PS4, Screenshots, Update, Xbox One

Update 1.5 is on its way soon for Jurassic World Evolution and it will bring a host of improvements and new features.  Some of the biggest improvements it will bring are new behaviours for our park dinosaurs.  For example, you’re dinosaurs within an enclosure will have “Group Leaders” which means that other dinosaurs will look up-to their leaders and not only will they group more together, but they will also actively learn from their behaviours.

The Day/Night Cycle will also be added to all the islands and will be available in both Challenge and Sandbox modes.  We’ll also be getting larger capacity feeders, which means that we’ll have little less running around to do as we top up feeders, however, the high capacity feeders does not include goat feeders.  And we’ll be getting some new in-game contracts to take on too.

You can find all the added details below, courtesy of the Jurassic World Evolution forums, also details have been promised to be revealed later this week in regards to paid DLC for the game, so we’ll keep you posted on that.

Finally, if you’re yet to experience Jurassic World Evolution, be sure to read our review to find out why it’s well worth your consideration.

Additions to Dinosaur Behaviours

After looking at all of your feedback since launch, we’ve been working on improvements to dinosaurs and their behaviours. We’re happy to announce that we’re adding two highly requested additions: Group Leaders, which means dinosaurs will now look for an existing group leader and follow their behaviour, actively keeping the dinosaurs together as a group.

Group Leaders can change during leadership contests, and the dinosaur with the highest prestige will lead the group. Groups try to stick together when fleeing from danger and when drinking, eating or sleeping. They can also be herded with the vehicles!
Another addition to the dinosaurs is their sleeping behaviour, which means dinosaurs will now take a nap when they are comfortable and idle. This also combines with groups, which will now often sleep at the same time.

Day/Night Cycle

We’ve added a day/night cycle to all game modes to enable a more dynamic environment. This feature will be instantly available from the gameplay setting menu in both Challenge and Sandbox modes, but for the Career islands it’ll have to be unlocked as a setting by achieving 5 stars on each island. We can’t wait to see how this challenges you or what kind of creative images you can make on each island!

Higher Capacity Feeders

We’ve added larger capacity feeder types which require less resupply for you! This means you can worry less about your dinosaurs’ needs whilst attending other tasks. Please note this will not be applicable to the goat feeders.

New contracts

There’s a bunch of new contracts for you to get stuck into! Can you sell your dinosaur with a certain gene modification, or get the infamy rating to go through the roof?

We’re very excited about this update, which will also include a number of minor tweaks and fixes, and we will have more information about the additional paid content this week! In the meantime, you can check out our weekly livestreams on!