First Person Thriller Virginia is Out Next Month

Posted August 25, 2016 by Kamil in Announcements, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Xbox One


Virginia, is a unique first-person thriller, which will make its way onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, next month. The title itself takes place within a small town of Kingdom, Virginia, where a child named Lucas Fairfax has mysteriously disappeared. Painterly town of Kingdom, is set to resemble a small idyllic community, however, it is set to transform with each and every discovery.

In addition to its unique aesthetic, Virginia also promises to deliver a first-person cinematic experience like no other. Variable State, the developer, promises that the adventure of the FBI graduate Anne Tarver, who is the main protagonist of the title, is set to resemble a TV show, more than a videogame. In fact, developer was inspired by shows such as Fargo and Twin Peaks, prior to the development.



Virginia will officially make its debut on the 22nd of September, on all the above mentioned platforms. The title is set to be published by 505 games, which have recently released Abzu, and Assetto Corsaand will be a digital only product. The nature of the title suggests that players can expect to launch with a price between £11.99 and £15.99, however, nobody has to invest any money into Virginia blindly, as demo is available to download on Steam right now.



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