Episodic murder mystery The Council is released

Posted March 13, 2018 by John Little in Articles, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Release Date, Trailers, Xbox One

Released today (13th March), The Council is an intriguing new episodic adventure styled as a classic murder mystery.

Set in 1793, Louis de Richet is invited to a reception on a private island as a member of a secret society.

High profile guests are in attendance, including Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington, however there is more to this grand gathering than meets the eye as Richet’s own mother recently went missing on the island.

So it’s up to you to guide Richet as he mingles and investigates to find out what’s going on and what potentially dark secrets the guests are hiding.

The marketing material is penning this as a “fresh new take on the narrative adventure game”, this referring to the game’s ‘social influence’ mechanics.

When talking to characters Richet will be able to use skills, resources and knowledge to manipulate them into giving a desired response. This includes understanding a character’s psychological weaknesses and immunities and whatever relevant information you have gathered from exploration.

In addition there are 15 ‘skills’ that can be invested in that will alter how you approach the mystery, including historical and scientific knowledge, as well as detective skills to give you an edge.

The way you play the game can have varying consequences and of course affect how everything ends, so it will be interesting to see how detailed they can get with this.

The game sounds like it’s having a good crack at something unique here, and from footage and screenshots the setting and aesthetic create a dark and curious mystery.

The first episode “The Mad Ones” is available now (or today) on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and we should have a review for you here soon as well.



John Little
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