EA Details New and Improved Modes for FIFA 19, Including a Survival Mode

Posted August 6, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Some are already labelling it as a “Battle Royale” mode of sorts and I suppose when looking at it from a certain perspective, that sentiment can be considered to be kind of true, as EA has announced that FIFA 19 will include a Survival mode.  It sounds like an odd concept at first, but from the details that I’ve been reading up on, not only does it sound like it will work, but it also sounds like it will be a lot of fun with a strategic approach.

Basically how the FIFA 19 Survival mode will work, is that both opposing players will start with 11 players on each team, but as soon as one team scores, they will lose a random player, taking them down to 10 players.  So at this point at 1-0, it will be 10 vs. 11.  Every time a team scores, they will continue to lose a player each time the ball hits the back of the net.

During the 90 minute timer, the winner will be declared once the winning team scores 5 goals, meaning they’ll have 6 players on the pitch at this point.  However, you don’t have to score 5 goals to win, because you can just aim for the 1-0 victory, lose just one player and try to hold out until the game reaches its 90 minute conclusion.


The awesome sounding Survival mode isn’t the only new feature coming to FIFA 19, because there will also be various tweaks and improvements made to existing modes, such as the being able to adjust the match rules with the New House Rules mode.  Here you will be able to turn off the ref, have no fouls, off-sides and more.  So basically you can play a match where all hell can break loose, which sounds like a lot of fun indeed.  You can even adjust the rules so that only headers and/or volleys count as goals.

Additionally, the insanely popular FIFA Ultimate Team has a new mode called Division Rivals, which replaces FUT’s online season’s mode.  In Division Rivals, when you begin your online career, you will have a series of matches which will determine your skill rating.  Once you’ve played out the series of test matches, you will then be placed in one of 10 divisions.

When in your designated division, each week you will play a series of matches, working your way up the league in the aim of promotion, all while winning FUT prizes as you rank up by winning matches.  However, if you end up being one of the top performers in your league, you will also earn what is called Champions Points.  Earning enough Champions Points could earn you a spot in a special weekend league to play against other higher skilled FIFA players to earn even greater in-game prizes.

Also in a very considerate move by the developers, if you earn enough Champions Points to gain entry into the weekend league, but for whatever reason you can’t participate in that special league on that weekend, you can bank your Champions Points, and save them for the following weekend if you’re free.  However, you can’t stack points, so you can only bank for one additional weekend league at a time.

A very handy tweak has also been made for when opening FUT player packs, for starters, with all the controversy that surrounds loot boxes, the odds of the category/level of players you may receive will now be disclosed.  As any FIFA player will know, the odds of receiving a player you actually want is very remote, but at least we will now know some odds.  Thankfully, the odds at least to the type of player you may receive via FUT packs in FIFA 19 has been improved upon.

Now FUT 19 will have a new Player Pick pack type, here you will be able to filter the kind of player you need.  So for example, Eden Hazard might be one FIFA player’s dream and ideal for their team’s chemistry, but Hazard might not suite another player’s team chemistry, so there will be options to have more control over the variety of player you might get from packs that will more likely fit your team’s chemistry.

Finally, new Icon players have been announced with Rivaldo, Johan Cruyff, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Clarence Seedorf, Eusebio, Raul, Claude Makelele, Miroslav Klose and Fabio Cannavaro, with more players expected to be announced at a later date.

FIFA 19 will release for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 28th.


Richard Lee Breslin
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