Update: DLC 3 ‘United Front’ for Call of Duty WWII Out Now!

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Update 27/06/18:  The United Front Map Pack is available right now for PlayStation 4 and will release a month from now on PC and Xbox One.  So to celebrate it’s release, Activision and Sledgehammer Games has released a new Zombies trailer, which can be found below.  The United Front Map Pack will cost £11.59 as an individual purchase or at no extra cost for Call of Duty: WWII season pass holders.


Original Story 20/06/18: Activision has released a gameplay trailer and details for the third Map Pack for Call of Duty: WWII with United Front.  Releasing first on June 26th for PlayStation 4, and then about a month later for PC and Xbox One, United Front will feature three multiplayer maps, as well as the next chapter in the Nazi Zombies saga and the new War Mode mission.

The multiplayer maps in question are the Market Garden, located in the Netherlands with tight-quarter combat.  But also be weary of incoming Allied fighter planes and be on the lookout for a makeshift hospital as it might be the nearest point of shelter from any in-coming onslaught.  Then we have the Monte Cassino located below a mountaintop monastery in  a war-torn village of Italy.  This map will offer crafty vantage points for the sniper within, but also counters with “sneaky flank paths along the cliffs.”  Finally we have Stalingrad, home of the largest confrontation in WWII history.  This map features two bases on either sides of the map and has elements that favours the sniper, as well as the run-and-gunners’ making use of the underground sewers to flank the enemy.

The next Operations mission is called Supercharge.  In this mission, Allies will airdrop into the Tunisian map as they aim to push back the Nazi-occupied village to capture their supplies and blow up a key transport bridge, before finally making a move to capture Axis fortifications.

Finally we have the next chapter in the Nazi Zombies saga with The Tortured Path.  As the Allied Forces are crumbling under the advances of the Final Reich, General Rideau makes one last desperate attempt to fight back by making a 2,000 mile journey to a smouldering and infested land located in-between Berlin and an Allied-controlled port of Malaga.  The final end game is to transport pieces Emperor Barbarossa’s lost sword to the edge of the world to make the sword whole again and uncover the lost forges of ancient Thule.

United Front will release first for PS4 on June 26th, then about a month later for PC and Xbox One.  You can read our review of Call of Duty: WWII here.


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