Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer [UPDATE] + Leaked Multiplayer Details

Posted May 24, 2011 by Marshall in Announcements, PC, PS3, Rumour, Trailers, Xbox 360

This looks like some intense s**t right here. And the event that has yet to occur is shown towards the end. Will this ever happen? Who knows. Here’s the trailer.

May contain spoilers:

We have also found some possibly leaked details about the multiplayer of the game. AGAMINGSITE received details from an ‘unlikely but very trustworthy source’ about the multiplayer in the game.

Their source claims that “…the game will feature cod points, but in a heavily ‘redesigned and refocused way’. This could mean you earn it differently, as he said that ‘wager matches are unlikely to return’. It could also mean you spend it in different ways, as he goes on to say ‘single player has a very multiplayer feel to it, with some interesting ideas to it’. We can only speculate that this may be the ability to buy weapons in single player with cod points, although our source said not to take his word for that specific point.”

They also said that “…there will be ‘a huge improvement in the number of maps, modes and game types’, and to expect ‘more people on maps than you would normally expect’. 32 players was thrown about, but he didn’t want to comment any more on it. He did say whilst there will be no more wager matches, as he said Infinity Ward are in the mind of how they didn’t copy Zombies, they won’t copy wager matches, but he did say there will be some incorporated ‘similar modes’ to that of wager matches. He also let slip that ‘they might include teams of three for one mode’ although he stopped into going into any more details, sounding unsure whether it would make the cut. Finally he said there may be ‘up to 23 maps from launch, but they have plans for huge post-support DLC’. This echoes what fourzerotwo said on twitter about Infinity Ward having plans for longer post-launch support.”

Will these multiplayer features be enough to keep the CoD craze going for another year, or will Battlefield 3 steal (at least part of) the fanbase?

As with all rumours, please take this with a pinch of salt.




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