Blizzard Introduces Latest Overwatch Hero…A Hamster

Posted June 29, 2018 by Kamil in Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, News, PC, PS4, Trailers, Xbox One

The last few months were rather rough for Blizzard, and all who had to endure their rapidly stagnating first-person shooter, Overwatch. As each and every coming update, both in and out of game, was only further dragging the title as well as the scene around it, all the way down to the depths. And most, have been crying out for Blizzard to address the most jarring and urgent issues such as Brigitte’s ridiculous shield bash and armour generation, Hanzo’s ability to melt any and all tanks within a blink of an eye by players of any skill, and decimation of McCree for months now. But instead of addressing the issues at hand, Blizzard has gone out of its way, and decided to release Hero Twenty Eight.

Hero Twenty Eight is none other than the long awaited Hammond, who has been teased all the way back during the launch of the Lunar Colony map. As some have suspected Hammond is not a primate like Winston, and all the other captive gorillas, but a fat-rat hamster. While he is not as highly evolved as the aforementioned Winston, as he is unable to speak and communicate, he is developed enough to build a giant ball of death which he uses as his weapon.


During the developer update, within which Jeff from the Overwatch team has discussed the queries regarding Hammond, he has underlined that he is just as ingenious, if not more so, than Winston. His technical abilities have allowed him to create his hamster wheel/ball, which he uses to both shield his team, and face the enemy. While not all skins for Hammond have been made available as of today, you can expect him to sport some Junkrat’esque cuts, as according to Jeff from the Overwatch team, Hammond unlike Winston, has landed within the vicinity of Junker Town, and spent most of his time fighting in the pits of this post apocalyptic city.

Hammond, is currently only playable on the PTR and while not all of his assets are in the game, he can be played in full, as just like all the other heroes, ha has been released in his final technical state, on the PTR. Not much can be said about him as of today, then it has to be underlined that he is more than likely going to be a go-to-pick within the coming months, as for a 600HP tank, he has incredibly high mobility. As he can turn into a ball and travel across the map at incredible speeds, thanks to his grappling hook which does not just allow him to access high ground, but also to gain speed on the swings.

In addition to the above-mentioned wrecking ball ability and the grappling hook, Hammond can also slam the his enemies, as the crouch button/key allows him to instantly hit the ground, while mid air, and deal some serious damage. His core HP points are divided into 500 health and 100 armour, however, he has an ability to generate an additional shield for himself, and the amount of his newly generated shields depends on the number of enemies within his vicinity. But judging by how incredibly threatening he is, it may be difficult to come across six or even five stacks, suck closely together, as Hammond’s quad cannons are a serious threat, and can melt you within seconds – even if you play as an another tank.

If you want to give Hammond a ”spin” then head over to the PTR right now, and fight other people frantically over a chance to even try him out. But if you don’t have the patience to do so, or a gaming PC – as you may be playing on console – then you might have to wait at least a month before he makes his way into the base game – likely broken to hell, just like all the recently released Overwatch heroes.



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