Amy Hennig Departs EA with Her Star Wars Game “on the Shelf”

Posted June 29, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in Announcements, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Last October, EA shut down the studio that brought us the Dead Space series, Visceral Games, who were also working on a Star Wars game under the guidance of former Naughty Dog developer, and creator of Uncharted, Amy Hennig.  Following Visceral’s closure, the Star Wars game went from being a linear adventure, perhaps something that Amy Hennig is famed for, to one of those “live-service” types of games.  But since October, we’ve not heard a great deal more on the game or from Amy Hennig herself, until now.

During the Gamelab conference in Barcelona, Spain, Eurogamer’s Rob Purchese got to ask Amy Hennig some questions, in particular with that Star Wars game and her response wasn’t all that promising.  Amy Hennig revealed that she not only technically parted ways with EA in January just gone, but she revealed that the Star Wars game is “on the shelf”.  So it’s anyone guess as to when this Star Wars game might release, if ever at all.  Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me if EA announce at some point in the near future that the game has been all-out cancelled.

However, there was some good news to report, as Amy Hennig announced that she has just started her own independent studio and she would love to have a team of anything between 6 to 15 employees.  She also revealed that she wants to work on some VR titles and is currently consulting with some VR companies right now.  Hopefully Amy will create as an awesome adventure title that we all know she can bring and I’d like to wish her well in her new venture.

Source: Eurogamer


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