Skate It! Confirmed For iPhone!

Posted March 3, 2010 by Marshall in Mobile


Looks like skate is hitting the iPhone/touch. This looks really good and has been announced today! All you Skate fans rejoice as you take your skate on the go.

Using your fingers you can perform all kinds of immense tricks like Ollies, Kickflips and Shuv it’s. Grinding on rails is also to be included. What kind of grinds? I DONT KNOW! But as I’m sure you can tell I am really hyped about this.

Will it compare to the legendary Skate series on the next gen consoles? This is a question I will personally be answering.


The game is set for release May 2010 and I can imagine it will release simultaneously with Skate 3.

The game will feature pro skaters for your free skate adventure but your own characters can still be created. Another great thing is that you will be able to obtain sponsors and use well known brands just like the originals. *Has panic attack*


You can unlock things like boards, outfits and items to create your very own skate park by ‘killing challenges’. There is also the ability to film your perfect skating moments and (this being my ultimate favourite) you can do all your sick tricks to the songs on your iPod!

I am mega excited but what do you guys think?

Skating glory or pure boring?

Leave me your comments in the box below.



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