New Mirrors Edge Iphone Shots!

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Posted March 3, 2010 by Marshall in Mobile

mirror 1

Some new pictures have surfaced today and I have to say, these are looking pretty amazing considering its Ipod. The question is, can the intricate game system work on the Iphone/touch? Who knows but for now, enjoy these.

This will be an interesting game to follow. Considering the original received mixed reviews this could be a risky project for EA. However if priced correctly, I doubt I will be saying no.

mirror 2

These screenshots look very impressive. The world appears to be huge and the graphics although pixelated, look equally amazing.

mirror 3

From this it looks like the battles are gonna be pretty immense. It also looks as if the levels will be time trial based.

What do you guys think? Will this be downloaded to your itunes soon?

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