Release Dates Revealed and New Trailer for Darksiders Genesis

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Posted October 26, 2019 by John Little in Articles, Gaming News, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Release Date, Trailers, Xbox One

Announced just a little while ago (at E3 June), Darksiders Genesis wasn’t entirely what I was looking for in the next Darksiders game, particularly the first that we get to play as Strife. But perhaps I was being a tad hasty, and the more footage and info I see, the more I realise that this spin off was a pretty good idea.

Battling alongside his fellow horseman, and first game protagonist, War, Genesis is a top-down shooter built with co-op in mind. While Strife specialises in gun play, War is a strong melee character – and each, one would assume, will have unique abilities surrounding their individual styles.

But that’s enough of a recap (read our first article here) as the news for this article concerns a release date and new trailer.

The trailer features mainly a cinematic of Strife having banter with a demon before blowing its three heads off. It’s good to see the flair isn’t missing from these characters and cut scenes, despite its spin-off status, and Strife looks like he might be a more humorous character than his more stern brothers and sister.

It’s a cool little trailer, though doesn’t offer much more than a glimpse at gameplay. But what it does show looks quite clean and exciting. We see the two of them riding mounts, solving a puzzle, and lots and lots of particle effects.

The release date for this has been touted as the 5th December of this year for PC, but unfortunately for console users they will have to wait till 14th February 2020.