#PSX2016 PSVR Games You Might’ve Missed

Posted December 11, 2016 by Brett Claxton in Announcements, Gaming News, PS4, PSVR, Trailers



There’s plenty of fine games coming to PlayStation VR and there were quite a few talked about at PlayStation Experience 2016. For every Resident Evil 7 though there’s a smaller game that might’ve gone under your radar, so we’re looking at the ones you might’ve missed at the show last week.


Starblood Arena

This arena based shooter is out in Spring. Fly around arenas in either a team deathmatch or battle royale and try to win with 2 to 4 player co-operative combat. If co-op isn’t your thing there’s also single player arena challenges. It seems to have quite a lot of customisation too which is always a plus.



Ace Combat 7

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Ace Combat series before. It’s been around for over 20 years and has spawned numerous sequels. In it you fly planes and now you get to do that in virtual reality. It looks like a lot of fun. The trailer says that a PSVR “mode” is available but it’s not quite clear what that is.



Dino Frontier

Do you like dinosaurs? How about cowboys? HOW ABOUT town management games? Well you could very well be in for a great time in Dino Frontier. It has a nice style and the mash up of two very different time periods could result in a fun resource management game.



Surgeon Simulator ER

Surgeon Simulator pops up everywhere so it shouldn’t be a shock to see it pop up in VR. If you’ve enjoyed the series in the past then you’ll no doubt have great fun again. If you’re looking for something that you can mess around in whilst listening to something that sounds like that song from Casualty you’re also in for a treat.



There are plenty of other PlayStation VR games on the horizon, some of which you can see in the sizzle real below.



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