PlayStation VR Launch Titles – Part 4

Posted October 7, 2016 by Brett Claxton in Features, PS4, PSVR, Trailers

We’ve already shown you all quite a large selection of PSVR launch titles, if you’ve missed parts onetwo and three then make sure to follow the hyperlinks and then get ready to dive in to part four. It’s a doozy.




The Playroom VR
Publisher: Sony Interactive | Developer: SIE Japan | Genre: Mini Games


The Playroom VR is great for PSVR for various reasons. One it really makes use of the fact that other gamers can see the screen and makes some fun mini games out of it that wouldn’t be possible without VR. Secondly, it’s free. Play as a cat trying to find some crafty mice, or a Godzilla like monster storming through a city as well as many other characters in other situations. The success of hardware can sometimes depend on what it brings with it bundled in (look at the Wii and Wii Sports). Hopefully The Playroom VR can be that vital bit of free hardware for the PSVR.



PlayStation VR Worlds
Publisher: Sony Interactive | Developer: SIE London | Genre: Mini Games
Move Compatible


Whereas The Playroom VR sets up ways to play with friends PlayStation VR Worlds seems to be built to showcase the headset with some high production mini games. It’s not known how much replayability will be in each experience but it does seem to be shaping up to be one of the best pieces of software to highlight what the headset does. You can read more about PlayStation VR Worlds here, where we covered each mini game with a bit more depth.




Rez Infinite
Publisher: Enhance Games | Developer: Monstar | Genre: Rail Shooter/Music


Rez is a game that seems to have a soft spot with many gamers. A beautiful blend of an on rail shooter mixed with a music game that not much has been able to replicate since. There’s not many ways the game can be bettered, apart from maybe putting it in to virtual reality. So that is what Monstar has decided to do. Rez Infinite is basically the original game with some added bells and whistles in VR. If you were a fan of Rez in the past then picking it up is a no brainer. If you’ve always wondered what the fuss was about this may also be the best version available to pick up.



RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
Publisher: Sony Interactive | Developer: Guerrilla Cambridge | Genre: Shooter/Sports


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is one of the big games being published by Sony at launch and also seems to be a good answer for “is there room for eSports in virtual reality?” The game is a fast paced shooter where you, along with other people, are in a robotic suit and must score the most points to win. It’ll be important to work together as a team but if you’re not in the mood to play with other people there’s also a single player mode. You can read more about the game in this post here.




Robinson: The Journey
Publisher: Crytek | Developer: Crytek | Genre: Adventure


Have you ever looked at Jurassic Park and thought “I’d love to witness that?” Have you also looked at Jurassic Park and thought “I wish I was a crash landed child from the future with a robot friend?” WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK! Robinson: The Journey sees you taking control of a small child crash landed on a planet with your robot friend surrounded by a bunch of dinosaurs. Created by Crytek you can guarantee that the game will look stunning. Hopefully it also delivers an intriguing experience that will make it one of the shining stars of the launch window.



SportsBar VR
Publisher: Perilous Orbit | Developer: Perilous Orbit/Cherry Pop Games | Genre: Social/Sports
Move Compatible


Bars can be great fun but the older you get the more frustrating it can be getting all your friends together in one place. Combine that with the fact that most of the pool tables and other fun things to do in the bar (minus drinking) will be occupied and it can be an even more frustrating time.


SportsBar VR looks to take away the waiting about side of things and provide VR gamers with a social experience that is a bit less action orientated. The game was previously known as Pool Nation VR and if that name sounds familiar that’s because it’s popped up on countless consoles in some form in the past. SportsBar VR takes the pool part of Pool Nation and expands on it with Air Hockey, Darts, and Skeeball. With up to four players being able to play together at once it should be a fun social experience that would be hard to replicate in gaming without VR.



Publisher: Polytron | Developer: Kokoromi | Genre: Puzzle


Did you ever see that game show ‘Hole in the Wall’? Well SUPERHYPERCUBE is basically that but in virtual reality with a moody 80s aesthetic. It seems like it will be a very addictive puzzle game and the calibre of the team behind it almost guarantees it will nail what it’s going for. Puzzle games will be a curious thing in VR but this seems like one made for it from the ground up and could be a surprise hit of the launch window.



Publisher: DROOL | Developer: Drool | Genre: Rhythm/Music

Sometimes all you want from a game is thumping music and a feeling of adrenaline. That seems to be exactly what Thumper is going for and it looks like it will achieve it with aplomb. The premise of the game the developers give is simple. You are a space beetle screaming towards an insane giant head from the future. It may sound ridiculous but it looks like one very slick experience that will reach a whole new level on VR.




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