PlayStation VR Launch Titles – Part 3

Posted October 4, 2016 by Brett Claxton in Features, PS4, PSVR, Trailers

We’ve already looked through a huge amount of PSVR launch titles so far, you can read part one and part two here. Without further ado though let’s jump right in to part three.




Hustle Kings VR
Publisher: Sony Interactive | Developer: VooFoo Studios | Genre: Sports
Move Compatible

If the name Hustle Kings rings a bell that’s because it’s been around for a while. In fact it’s already appeared on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Now it’s gearing up to appear on PSVR. In it you do trick shots and play pool against AI or against others online. The VR version is a paid upgrade to the original game, but if you want to be a step closer to playing pool with people without leaving the house then Hustle Kings VR could be for you.



Job Simulator
Publisher: Owlchemy Labs | Developer: Owlchemy Labs | Genre: Simulation
Move Compatible


Jobs are hard. So imagine a world where robots did everything for humans and you were so bored that you kept yourself entertained with job simulations. That’s Job Simulator. It looks like a very silly simulation game but if reviews of other versions of it are anything to go by it is also a very fun simulation game.




Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Publisher: Steel Crate | Developer: Steel Crate | Genre: Puzzle

Bomb disarming is a stressful job. Now imagine trying to do it where you have no idea what was the right thing to press and you had to describe it to a friend, who has to look through a manual to try and decipher what you’re describing. That’s basically what Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is. Although it is a puzzle game at its heart it’s also very much a party game and will be great fun for gamers of all kinds of ability.



Publisher: Psyop | Developer: Psyop | Genre: Experience

Not all VR experiences are going to be big blockbuster moments. Some will be more subtle. Something that may only be a few minutes long but help you experience something you haven’t before. Kismet seems like one of those experiences. There’s no telling how long it will keep people hooked but its take on tarot reading should make it a hit with those that love the idea of fortune telling. It also looks quite lovely, making it possibly the perfect thing to demo to someone that doesn’t play games.



Loading Human: Chapter 1
Publisher: Maximum Games | Developer: Untold Games | Genre: Adventure
Move Compatible

Episodic gaming is coming to VR in the form of Loading Human. The voice acting in the trailer doesn’t sound great but it does look like it could be an interesting experience. You are tasked by your dying father, a scientist, to travel to deep space to try and save his life. Whether the story turns out to be something that engages audience remains to be seen, but it’s great to see VR games going for these more intimate moments.



Mortal Blitz
Publisher: Skonec Entertainment | Developer: Skonec Entertainment | Genre: FPS

The first person shooter genre is likely to receive a lot of representation over the course of VR existing. Mortal Blitz looks to be one of those games representing it on the lower end of the budget spectrum but that is not a bad thing. The trailer shows off a corridor cover shooter with various enemies descending upon you. Shoot them and don’t die and no doubt you’ll get to the end. It’s definitely not one of the stronger titles appearing on the headset at launch but variety is the spice of life.




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