Lovecraftian Adventure Conarium Hitting Consoles Soon

Posted January 5, 2019 by John Little in Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, News, PS4, Release Date, Trailers, Xbox One

Released back in June 2017 for the PC, the Lovecraftian horror adventure inspired by At the Mountains of Madness is finally making its way to PS4 and Xbox One in February this year.

Following the story of “four scientists and their endeavour to challenge what we normally consider to be the ‘absolute’ limits of nature”, you as Frank Gilman awake in a strange room with no recollection other than you are in an Antarctic base near the South Pole.

Those familiar with Lovecraft’s story can probably see where this may be going, and while only inspired by the original story, the events in the game are considered to take place after this.

Playing out like you would expect an adventure game of this nature, you will walk around and explore the atmospheric environs, solve the odd puzzle and gradually uncover the mystery that surrounds the place and people.

The game does tout multiple endings, however, including secrets and Easter eggs, and was generally well received upon its original release.

It’s good to see the Cthulu mythos receiving more love on a grander scale as of late – what with the recent Call of Cthulu game as well as the likes of Bloodborne – as the universe and its stories provide such intriguing material for horror games.

Hopefully the ports of this adventure will impress, and that we’ll receive a proper set release date (day) soon.


John Little
John Little

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