#E32018 Here’s the First Spectacular and Brutal Gameplay for The Last of Us Part 2

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Posted June 13, 2018 by Richard Lee Breslin in E3, Gameplay, Gaming News, PS4, Screenshots, Trailers

Finally we got to see some gameplay footage of the insanely anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 from developers Naughty Dog.  The gameplay footage below had an older, more mature Ellie, and quite early on we got to see her love interest, Dina.  Ellie appeared to be quite conflicted, not necessarily with her feeling towards Dina, but Ellie seems to be struggling more so with whom she is a person, a lady forced to do very harsh things to survive in this cruel and unforgiving world.

If I was to take a guess, I’d say that Ellie is reluctant to let anyone get close to her due to the fear of losing them or putting them in danger.  It’s certainly worth thinking about, as Joel was nowhere to be seen and many had speculated that the Joel we saw at the PlayStation Experience was in-fact his spirit.  Naughty Dog is certainly keeping the whereabouts of Joel close to their chest.

Then to reflect on Ellie’s conflictions, we were taken into a gameplay segment in which Ellie was being pursued by a group of men and woman who were attempting to kill her, but we all know that Ellie is one hell of a survivor and she’s certainly more brutal here than ever before.  However, so far in any of the demos we’ve seen, we are yet to see any Clickers.  The enemy AI also seems to be improved upon as they were searching every nook and cranny in an attempt to find Ellie.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, and enjoy the awesome gameplay footage below.  No release date was given for The Last of Us Part 2, but hopefully this PS4 exclusive will release next year.