‘Datura’ shows us what the PSMove has been missing

Posted March 20, 2012 by James Steel in Gaming News, PS3, PSN, Screenshots, Sony, Trailers

GDC 2012 saw the announcement of ‘Datura‘, an innovative new PS3 exclusive downloadable title which utilises the Playstation Move Controller like nothing you’ve seen before.

A number of smaller studios including thatgamecomany have become well known for their unique gameplay mechanics in such titles as Flow, Flower and more recently, Journey. While Datura isn’t coming from that studio, an easy way to describe the title would be to ask ‘What is thatgamecompany made a Move title?’.

“…Datura is more of an experience than a game…..to encourage discussion about what the ‘game’ is…..attempting to be as immersive as possible”

Under development by new studio Plastic, their previous ‘experience’ was just as ambiguous. Linger in Shadows served as a tech-demo and really puzzled gamers who put down their money back in 2008. Datura is much more of an interactive experience however, tasking you with exploring mysterious environments with only a disembodied hand at your disposal. Definitely an odd concept, but one to keep your eye on if you’re a fan of unique experiences. Worth noting it the fact that this isn’t a Move required game, meaning that those of you without Sony’s fancy motion controllers can experience Datura, it’s even in 3D too!

Motion controls have really given developers a new playground to experiment in. While the Wii has had its fare share of shovel-ware mini game collections, it’s also had a number of great games which showcase the technology at its best, namely Skyward Sword. With the PlayStation Move being a much more impressive piece of kit, the games themselves can really incorporate the technology in immersive new ways with its one to one capabilities.

Dear Esther recently showed us what ‘games’ can be, a more narratively driven experience that simply guides the player through a story with no real mechanics to speak of. Check out the video below as well as the screens to get an idea of what Datura is all about.

Finding yourself in a mysterious forest, players will navigate their way through the game by controlling their character’s hand using Playstation Move technology. From here you are immersed into the game’s unique experimental narrative and original way of interaction, which allows the player to experience the world not only visually but also empirically: an illusion that you really touch trees, faces and other objects.

Datura will be released later this year, exclusively on the Playstation Network.


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