Akiba’s Beat Gets a Release Date

Posted April 2, 2017 by Brett Claxton in Announcements, Gaming News, PS Vita, PS4, Trailers

If you’ve ever wanted to play a JRPG with a musical twist then Akiba’s Beat could be the game for you. Although it’s the third in the Akiba series that spawned Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed it seems to be a fairly drastic departure for the franchise, featuring a completely different style of gameplay. It does, however, take place still in Japan’s Akihabara, where things are not how they should be.

You’ll take yourself and your team through various dungeons based on the delusions of others, from music fans to idol obsessives. It all sounds a bit Persona to me but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Undead and Undressed was a surprisingly fun game and hopefully Akiba’s Beat, at the very least, matches that in terms of quality. You’ll be able to pick it up on May 19th on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.



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