Sources Claim Sony are Backing a Silent Hill Revival

Posted March 13, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PS5, Rumour

Back in January, Konami confirmed that they were considering bringing back the Silent Hill series with potentially two games in the making.  One being a soft reboot of sorts, while the other may have a episodic presentation, similar to that of Until Dawn or even Telltale’s The Walking Dead.  However, nothing has been truly concrete, but further reports have surfaced giving us a greater indication and confirmation as to where the franchise may be headed.

According to Rely on Horror, they claim to have multiple sources that confirm that two Silent Hill games will release and that they do back the what Konami said back in January.  However, these sources have apparently stated that legacy developers will be returning to bring back the series in a big way.

One such developer is Masahiro Ito, who was the creature designer for the first four Silent Hill games, the first three of which being the far superior in most people’s eyes.  These very same sources that reveal Masahiro Ito’s involvement say Sony are the driving force behind bringing the series back, as they were with Hideo Kojima Silent Hills, before Konami pissed everyone off and cancelled it.  So with that, it is expected that both games, might be a PS5 exclusive, as was Silent Hills meant to be.

The sources also claim that Keiichiro Toyama, the director and writer of the original Silent Hill from 1999 and its composer Akira Yamaoka will also be teaming up with Masahiro Ito to forge the “soft reboot”, which is very exciting news for longstanding fans.  It is expected that this soft reboot will simply be called Silent Hill and will be under Sony’s SIE Japan Studio.  They could also be joined by developers from Project Siren, who were responsible for the criminally underrated Siren: Blood Curse on PS3.  To add further intrigue to this “softSilent Hill reboot, apparently the title has already been in development for about a year, which could mean that an official announcement might not be too far away.

However, the second title believed to be of an episodic nature, could end up being Silent Hills revived, that’s if the rumours are to be believed that Sony are trying to work miracles in re-establishing a relationship between Konami and Hideo Kojima, which would do wonders in getting Konami back into fans good graces, especially considering that Silent Hills is still very much talked about today, despite being cancelled five years ago.

If these second set of rumours are too believed, this would especially be huge news.  While some fans might not like the idea of Silent Hills being episodic, the “Hills” in Silent Hills was purposely plural with the game having multiple dimensions of Silent Hill, so this episodic format was likely the original plan to begin with.  It is also said that Silent Hills might be PSVR compatible on PS5 and while I’m not really a fan of VR, if the game offers the choice of two full campaigns with or without VR, something that Resident Evil 7 did very well, then I’ll be cool with that.

So that’s all we have right now, but as a fan of the series since the beginning, I’m starting to get a little excited now, because the recent rumours over the last few months, seems to be backing each other up.  Though as will all rumours, will still must be somewhat cautious, especially with Konami’s reputation.  It also makes me think, that perhaps we might have got some sort of reveal at E3 this year, before the event was cancelled.

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Source: Rely on Horror


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