Xbox One Achievement Interface Revealed

Posted November 20, 2013 by Adam Graham in Announcements, Gaming News, News, Screenshots, Xbox One


Sorry Xbox 360 achievement fans, but your favourite pop-up is about to undergo a huge change. Some of you may like it, others may hate it. Nobody likes change, right? Well I do and I’m all for the new design recently tweeted by Microsofts Mike Ybarra.


You’ll get a pretty screenshot to keep forever

Ryse: Son Of Rome gets top-billing for this demo and it shows how an achievement will now be displayed once it has been unlocked and you press the Xbox Home button.


100% Completion Before Nov. 22…..CHEATER

It’s not just the pop-up that’s different. Actually viewing Xbox One achievements themselves are entirely different. Each achievement will have a specific screenshot attached to it. Selecting to view it will bring up a picture, similar to the first in this article, detailing the achievement, the date and time you got it and the points it’s worth. It’s a nice, visual reminder of that little moment in time that may have taken you a quick 5 minutes or a soul-destroying, countless amount of hours (I’m looking at you “7 Day Survivor” on Dead Rising). It’s pretty cool.

It’s interesting to note the small column to the side that shows your completion percentage alongside the number of achievements and value. This will be a handy addition to help keep track of your progress.

Yes the value of achievements is non-existent in reality, but people enjoy collecting them and it’s a system that has been one of the most successful parts of the current generation even being adopted by Sony in their trophies as well as in Steam and iOS games.

Xbox One arrives on November 22nd.


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