Respawn Announce F2P Shooter Set in Titanfall Universe, Titanfall 3 Not in Development

Posted February 5, 2019 by Richard Lee Breslin in Developer Diary, Gameplay, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Screenshots, Trailers, Xbox One

So yesterday Respawn Entertainment announced a new game to jump on the battle royale bandwagon with Apex Legends.  Leading up to the official announcement, many had expected this to be a Free-to-Play, Titanfall battle royale shooter; however, that’s not quite what we got.

Apex Legends is set within the Titanfall universe, about 30 years after the events of the criminally underrated Titanfall 2 (here’s our review), located on the edges of the Frontier.  Rather than being a 1 vs.100 shooter, Apex Legends will have teams of 3 players going against a total of 19 other teams, with the player count combining to 57 players in one match.  And in typical battle royale fashion, the last team standing wins the match.


However, despite this being set in the Titanfall universe and being created by the same developers, Apex Legends will not feature any Titans to call upon, nor will it include jetpack double jumps or wall-running, three factors that this series is very well known for.  I’m not sure how I feel with this, because I believe having what made Titanfall unique, it would at least make Respawns offering to this very crowded genre something a little different.


If anything, Apex Legends is more akin to the likes of Overwatch, being a hero shooter as it will offer a number of playable characters (10 at launch) with their own skill-sets that will bring their own strategic approach to your 3-player team.  You’ll be able to level-up your characters as you progress and you’ll be able to unlock powerful weapons and new abilities along the way.  Apex Legends will also feature loot boxes, which can be bought with real-world money and earned through grinding gameplay, however, loot boxes will only include cosmetic items.

Here’s the Apex Legends Map

Oh and before we go, in an interview with Eurogamer, Respawn told them that Titanfall 3 is not currently in development, which is a shame.  But considering that Titanfall 2’s sale numbers weren’t all that great (largely down to EA releasing it in-between Black Ops 3 and Battlefield 1), if Apex Legends proves a success (which it already has over 1 million players in less than 24 hours), I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening anytime soon, if at all, in my humble opinion.

Only time will tell if this latest dose of battle royale will have life amongst the gaming community, though early impressions appear to be positive.  But be sure to check out the several videos and screenshots in this article, and let us know what you think across our social media channels.

Apex Legends is available to download for free right now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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